Weird, amazing, odd… yes … those have been my last several days.

 It’s been SUCH a weird, whacked, thrilling, exhausting, and just different last several days.

We’ve been anticipating the actual “launch” of my husband’s new book….and it was YESTERDAY!

Jim is pretty fabulous at not getting his hopes to high….but I’m not 🙂 

So, the better and better the day went in regards to the “launch” the more surreal, happy, and odd the day seemed.

We are SO thankful that this opportunity came his way. It was a challenge though…he had deadlines, editors, interviews, etc….during the last year while I have continued to have both good and bad days in regards to my (stupid) PTSD.

This book is ‘just paper and words’ to some…but  …. between the two of us …. it is a symbol of perseverance, God’s Providence, and of our commitment to each other to fight through the hard times…even if they are really, really, really hard some days.

So…that was all odd yet happy. 

Now, I think I’ll let some pictures speak a bit now in regards to why the last few days have also been…well…kinda like our normal crazy but more ‘intense’ for some reason…

Somebody tell me these pictures aren’t just a LITTLE crazy!

For heaven’s sake…little girl that hoards, little boy that adores marsupials …. reptiles …. 

When I look at the pictures on my camera sometimes I, literally, laugh at loud at US.  We just are not very normal 🙂 

I’ve come to terms with it. But I will NEVER come to terms with holding a sugar glider on my arm…….ever.  I try. I try. But nope. It’s not in this city girl to have a mini-demonic animal crawling all over her. 

Though Zane seems to have no problem with it. These dang Sugar Gliders…they can sense my fear! 🙂


We added a “eye-lash crested gecko” to Zane’s collection..cuz..ya know..the boy doesn’t have enough animals 🙂

It was actually an award for doing something he was terrified of (competing at the Tae Kwon Do Tournament last weekened)

We never, and I really mean never, “bribe” our kids for good behavior … such as “Johnny, if you are good at the grocery store you can have a sucker.”  

However, we DO reward for achieving LIFE SKILLS.

Now, if Johnny REALLY has issues (like Tye used too) about not screaming, thrashing, and yelling for help in public (smile) then we would tell him, “Tye, if you act nice, do not scream, or hit, you can have a hot wheels car at the checkout lane” b/c for TYE that WAS achieving a life skill.

Anyways, “Mallie” came into our lives because it takes alot for a kid with Zane’s wiring (rather be behind the scenes like his Daddy kinda kid) to get up in front of hundreds of people, and his little friends, and attempt to break boards.  

The deal was as long as he stepped foot onto the mat and acknowledged the judges, did his best, and walked off mat without running (smile) he’s get a new reptile.

The boy got THIRD in his age-bracket. I mighta been “played” but…I’m okay with that. It’s not the first time nor will it be the last.

We have had a kid or two say, “But MOM! Getting to the 432nd level of XYZ game on the PlayStaion IS a life skill! I deserve a new game.”  Even I, the Momma who struggles with “NO”, can say “NUH-UH but thank you for trying honey” to that line!



Although I do like “Mallie”. He/She (can’t tell till it is 3 mos old) feels like suede!!!  

And he/she/it leaps in little springy jumps that are pretty cute 🙂 

Please, God, let her live 🙂

As I mentioned, we had a pretty major Tae Kwon Do tournament this last weekend. “Major” because we only attend two or three, at most, a year.

This is a SUPERB opportunity for my home-schooled (ya know…unsocialized, weird, only happy with adults, can’t make eye contact, only wear hiking boots) kids to step up to the plate, of sorts, in a public fashion and “perform”.  

It is a necessary life skill to be able to handle the stress of public speaking, etc.  The tournaments give our (oh so odd) homeschooled kids a chance to hone this skill.

(ya’ll know I’m playin’ ya with the weirdo homeschool kid thang. It’s fun. I can get people all worked up 🙂

The boys have to write on their “boards” the kick they are doing so the “board holder” knows which way to hold the board. I find this adorable for some reason. 
Maybe it is because they spelled the words correctly?!!  smile

It’s not only “board breaking” competition..There’s also “Forms”, “Sparring”, and “Weapons”.

Trey got a hard life lesson when he did not medal in “Forms”. 
There were some quiet tears. I wanted to hug and slurp all over him but I, you’ll be SO proud of me, just sat quietly beside him in the bleachers to let him know I was there and only whispered, “I know you are upset. But I am proud of you.”  
After a bit a gave him a little squeeze and walked away…He did not deserve a medal and he knew it. But, it was still hard.

Chase competed in “Forms” (Placed Second :), “Sparring” (Placed Second :); and “Breaking” (Placed Third:)

I was SO SO SO happy when Trey, deservedly, won First place in “Breaking”.  It soothed his little sport’s mans heart a bit after losing at “Forms”. 
But, at the same time, I am glad, in a weird way, that he learned the lesson he did by NOT winning in “Forms”. Is that so mean to say?!!

Ready to start the board-breakin’!!!

 (Yes, Trey is going to run from the other corner, jump over those three kids crouched on the mat, and break a board his Coach (the guy in purple) will be holding. AND…he did it with STYLE peeps..STYLE!)

 Zane KILLIN’ that board…remember..there was a reptile at stake 🙂
 After a competitor has performed, he/she must turn away from the judge’s table and wait for scoring. 

I always think they look so lonely out there all by themselves…wondering how they did…feet, arms, hands, etc hurts from whatever they just competed in! 

The judges hold up the score for the scorekeeper to see…and…if you get in the right spot, a spectator can see the scores too.

After scores are recorded, competitor must turn back around and bow off the mat.

 SEE!! HE LOOKS SO LONELY UP THERE (that’s Trey).  They should let the Momma’s come hold their hands while they wait. That should really be a new rule. I think I’ll write a letter. I’m sure it will be well-received..cough cough.

Chase and Jim has this “bond” now. They both have gruesome “boy sport feet”. Here, Jim is trying to wrap Chase’s toes to lessen the pain. 
Jim comes home from playin’ basketball several times a week…limping…cuz of a TOE?! 

Good Heavens Men. Try giving BIRTH. fer real. (giggle)

 Chase is a natural-born athlete. One of those annoying males who is good at most sports he tries. 

When we found his birthmomma in Russia, in the letter she wrote him, she said “HE MUST be in SPORTS” …. She would be pleased because Chase excels in them.

The funny thing with Chase, though…is that he is “good” at sports but feels “bad” winning alot. WHA?? 

When he was in the Championship Match to decide First Place and Second Place for “Sparring”…He was LAUGHING because he didn’t want to kick his opponent as hard as we were all screaming for him too!

One of his Coaches said, “Chase is the most annoying kid to watch in a Sparring match! He is SO good at it but he is TOO NICE!”  AND another Coach said, “If Chase kicked as often as he talked, he would be unbeatable!” SO TRUE!!   hahahaha 

Personally, I think it’s from living with little siblings for years and wrestling around with them but never “hurting” them.  Now here we are all yelling..

“Get in there Chase”

“Kick Him!”


and he’s gotta be like…”HUH? This is so weird.”  [huge laugh]

 So, You ask….where is TYE? He is in Tae Kwon Do (achieving new belts on a regular basis…booyah!!!) 

Well….Tye has a…a large attitude the morning of the tournament. Attitude as in kicking, stomping, yelling, throwing…etc. (Parenting is SOOOOO fun, yeah?!)

Dad warned him, “Tye, if you do NOT stop yelling and kicking, you are NOT in the Tournament today.”

Now, I know Tye is all of ya’lls favorite cuz he has so many “difficulites” and cuz he’s stinkin’ cute….BUT..I PROMISE that Tye COMPLETELY understood Dad’s words. So…HERE is TYE at the TOURNAMENT …

Nuf Said. ?!  

So…that’s been my last few weird, crazy, happy, thrilling, exhausting, and odd days.

I wonder what the next few will hold??!!

(this is what Mommys and Daughters do when they are “OVER” boy stuff. They go into the bathroom where there is a  full length mirror and take funny pictures of each other 🙂

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  1. Your “weird” family is odd but what’s wrong with that? The “normal” families are fragmented and have no time together and nothing interesting ever happens to them. Embrace the wonderful family you have. 🙂

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