Do you NEED a good laugh? Especially at Jim’s expense? Then I have a video for you! And…my thoughts on the ‘oh-so-evil’ day of Halloween. {eyeroll}

There is much debate within the Christian community about “Halloween”. Entire sermons dedicated to how it can negatively influence you and your family.  

How it’s a pagan holiday in which spirits and demons are prevalent and waiting in dark bushes to possess the little boy dressed up as a ‘Star Wars’ figure as that boy innocently walks down the sidewalk hoping to get chocolate at the next house and not more dum-dum suckers.

How it is, apparently from some corners of Christianity, THE day evil is out and about and looking for victims.

We disagree.

And, since this is my blog and no one is holding a gun to your head to read it, I get to say what I think about Halloween and how the institution of ‘Church” has, yet again, circled their perverbial wagons to keep the grit of real life off their hands and out of their minds.

A concise reason we “do” Halloween and do not shy away from it is that …. it is SUCH an opportunity!

What Andrea?  An opportunity you say? I heard it was a night where witches dance in forests and sacrifice babies while chanting anti-christian slogans.

To that end, I cannot deny that there is an eliminate of “dark” that can dominate Halloween….if one lets it. 

But, excuse me Christian, are you going to ‘let it’?  It is not as if God turns off the “Prayer Hotline” every October 31st.

I do not hear Christians yelling and clammering about the evils of Valentine’s Day when there is definitely an eliminate of subtle sexuality and promiscuity associated with that day.

I do not hear Christians dedicating a series of studies on the pagan rituals that have been incorporated into even the most traditional of Christmas practices. (IE :  The Christmas tree originated from a pagan holiday and Christians took it as one of their symbols and traditions for ‘Christmas’.)

I do not hear the institution of church hollering against ‘Thanksgiving’…where, according to actual history, Europeans came into North America, though with good intentions, but accosted the natives of the (now known as) North American, Central American, and South American areas with new diseases, and a  judgmental attitude towards the natives’ long held beliefs (be those beliefs right or wrong…that is not the point….the point is this part of Thanksgiving is overlooked.)  

‘Thanksgiving’ is, apparently, per Christian-ese a ‘safe’ holiday because Satan isn’t working so hard that day, it involves family gatherings, good food, and time off of work.

Apparently, ‘good’ Christians are allowed to celebrate most any holiday as long as it is not “Hallow’s Eve”  (Halloween) because (who knew…but…) people in funny costumes, knocking on doors, getting to know their neighbors, etc is wrong and scary and puts Christians in some sort of mortal danger.

Talk about picking on the lowest hanging fruit!

Sure.. “church” …. hoop and holler about Halloween. It’s an easy target. There are witches costumes, vampire costumes, haunted houses, and [gasp] others who do use this holiday to celebrate their non-biblical beliefs.

Silly me…I thought evil was at work all year long. I thought bad things happened everyday around the world. I guess terrorism is secondary to Halloween.

Now, I’ve never claimed to be a genius but…..isn’t there a GLARING opportunity on October 31st fellow-Christ-Followers?

Tell me when there is another time of the year when your neighbors come to your door, VOLUNTARILY, knock on it, and initiate conversations!

I really can’t think of another opportunity like Halloween to get to know my surrounding community better. The one I am supposed to be impacting, loving, not judging…but loving.

And, knowing that there are individuals who use this day as an excuse to follow their rather ‘dark’ belief system….doesn’t this seem like a GOLDEN opportunity to ask them about it? Get to know about the belief system, ingratiate yourself into their lives so as to be a positive influence?

Oh. but. ick. that’s gritty, and dirty, and..well…I like my cushioned pew at church just fine and I am relieved when my Pastor says I don’t have to interact with people that are not like me or with people I do not already know.

Christians run, tails between their legs, having hemmed, hawwed, and ranted against the evils of Halloween yet run, with arms wide open, into ‘Christian’ celebrations that have strong pagan influences, or tout ‘Hallmark” holidays as sweet, tender, and fun.

Give me a break.

That baby the ‘church’ threw out with bathwater is going to get really cold really quick…and the entire community is watching it ‘happen’.

My family will have loads of candy ready to hand out to neighbors (hoping they become new friends), we will dress up for the simple reason that it is fun (we don’t do ‘scary’ costumes because we have taught our children to protect the young and a scary costume could frighten a little trick-or-treater and that’s not what we are about on Halloween).

We will have fun music blasting from the porch. We will make it a night of FELLOWSHIP with those that live in our community.

Come on “church”….if you are going to wail against Halloween…then you also need to pull your breeches up by your belt loops and take on ALL the pagan influences that have crept into our culture or the subtle ways the silly “Hallmark Holidays” have been turned into events just as non-biblically-influenced as Halloween. 

And, if you, as a family, chose not to participate in Halloween…please do not assume that is the correct course of action for all the other Christians you know.  

You have every right to chose not to participate. The damage comes when that is presented as the only CORRECT choice…either from one mom talking to another or one preacher preaching to hundreds.

There will be no baby shivering in it’s bathwater at the end of our driveway…nope…but there will be hoardes of people I’ve never met which gives me an amazing chance to interact with them and try to become part of their lives.

So, what are you and yours dressing up as on Halloween?  

Happy Trick or Treating,

PS    Those of you who read this and are staunch anti-Halloweeners and who are getting ready to fill my comment section with documentation of the ‘horrors’ that occur on the day/night of Halloween. 

Fine … do it… but then you must also tell me about the horrors that evil achieves every single other day of the year.  

You can’t just “pick” on Halloween cuz it’s an easy target.That is not reasonable, logical, or helpful to those seeking to know more about Christ and how He can bring good out of any and every thing.

16 thoughts on “Do you NEED a good laugh? Especially at Jim’s expense? Then I have a video for you! And…my thoughts on the ‘oh-so-evil’ day of Halloween. {eyeroll}

  1. Jen said:

    Can I just say, I am WAY more anti-Valentine’s Day than I am anti-Halloween. Halloween is about scary stuff, ok, we can deal with that, ITA with your post.

    V-Day drives wedges of inflated expectations between people in the name of love and breeds disappointment which breeds bitterness, which seems much more stealthy and Satan-pleasing.

    (posted by me with permission…she had commented on FB)

  2. Well said! Our home church takes this stance and makes *much* of the opportunity. We were there last year for the first time and loved seeing it first-hand.

    Our 5th & 6th Grade Halloween Outreach (dramas and passing out candy and talking to people at a house in a neighborhood that goes all out for the occasion and is a high-traffic area) holds a special place in my oldest’s heart, because he was able to lead three people to salvation last year, his first time ever.

    (And I admit to being a reformed Halloween-hater. :-P)

  3. Kristi L. (posted with permission off of my FB thread said):

    This is right on. Our church actually encourages participation in Halloween, for the exact reasons mention.

  4. Heather S. (from my FB threat gave me permission to put her thoughts here)

    “Oh sister, I could go on about most every holiday on the calendar! Loved your post and an amazed that anyone could find fault with you for it.”

    My response: many will find fault with my post. will they comment? i dunno. their choice, eh?


  5. Funny video:)
    And definitely is an opportunity to share our faith.
    Halloween seems to be getting bigger over here in Oz as wasn’t really until more recently and good opportunity to share Jesus and be friendly to kids.

    Love all your crazy pics on FB btw of you all dressed up:)


  6. From a Pagan’s Perspective 🙂

    First, let me point that Halloween is NOT a day when witches sacrifice babies or sing anti-christianity chants. I know you didn’t say it was, but for anyone who reads this and doesn’t know the difference, thought I’d put that in here. 🙂 Actually, witches don’t sacrifice any living creature–human or animal.

    Nor do we sing anti-christianity chants…ever. Such things don’t even exist.

    The dancing in forests bit..yea that does happen. We’re (or most of us) are nature lovers and we enjoy being out in it 😛

    That being said, I understand why Christinas and churches purport that evil runs rampant that night. It has always been said that the veil between the worlds is thinnest that night. But that doesn’t mean it’s to let “evil” through.

    Halloween (or Samhain) wasn’t originally even about ghosts and goblins. It was a time to honor your ancestors and those that have recently passed.

    But yes, MANY Pagan customs have crept into Christian holidays. I’d venture that nearly everything about Christmas (and Easter!) actually has Pagan origins. (Even the manger scene can be seen in a Pagan light.)

  7. Renee – [btw everyone…Renee is my cousin :]

    I find it interesting to hear your opinion on this topic coming from your Pagan belief system.

    One thing I wonder is that this ‘veil’ you mentioned…I am thinking that you are referring to the fact that humans have a finite understanding of certain topics, especially time, certain laws of physics that we know exist but do not know ‘why”… and that there is an element of spirituality occurring around us that we, with our finite understanding, cannot see.

    I think this exists everyday.

    I don’t know that there’s a day when it thins. (My opinion).

    But, the Bible, which is where my belief system is solely based, does not state that there’s a day when we are able to “see” the spiritual word around us better…unless God intervenes and reveals something to us like like Moses and the burning bush or when Moses was given glimmer of the God on top of MT Sinai.

    This is one reason I find Halloween as not so different than any other day for a Christ-follower.

    We should be open, encouraging, loving…every day. Halloween should not change our calling as a Christ-follower.


  8. Just as there is “Christian-ese” there is “Pagan-ese”. We have our own version of extremists, and I tend to believe that the “veil being thinner” is (at least in part) part of the Pagan-ese thing.

    First of all, when people talk about being able to “see” something from the other side, for example, someone who has recently passed, it’s not with the physical eye, but with the mind’s eye. Pretty much in the same way you “see” dreams at night.

    I tend to not believe the “veil is thinner” thing either, I have other reasons for loving Halloween (such as the chance to dress up and just have fun). To me, it’s possible to “see” these beings (I say beings because I don’t speak strictly of humans, but also of pets and such) any time of the year.

    Yes, I was speaking about how Christians–actually most humans in general, regardless of religion–tend to see things in black and white. Your physical body dies, you’re dead. Period. Buuut that’s not necessarily true. I think we can both agree the soul does not die (though we differ on what happens to it once the physical body is dead), and so the “lines” are quite so black and white as people tend to make them out to be.

    This is a post I thought you mind find interesting as it’s along the lines of things we’re talking about here. The woman, Jo, recently lost her cat, Sassy, and kind of muses on death and such, and how she “sees” Sassy around still. I used html there, so if it doesn’t work let me know and I’ll link you without html. The post can be a slight bit of a tearjerker, but worth the read 🙂


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