This picture sums me up this week.

This blasted week.


I have been so anxious and excited to write Tye’s “birthday post” (he turned the big “9” Monday:)


Well…see the picture….I’m asleep…or am about to go to sleep, or just woke up and can’t focus, or am thinking of sleep. 

Next week WILL be better for this girl … 


Tell me I am right or…well…um…I will promise to have a very bad dreams about you??! 😉

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….it is time to EXIT STAGE LEFT please. NOW. asap.

Problem is…I have had some very major ‘triggers’ this week…thus the excess sleep. 

My brain likes to ignore the real world when it’s ‘triggered’. 

Isn’t it nice of my brain to just to ‘shut down’ and forget that it’s in charge of a real human who has real kids and a real husband that she’d like to see once in a while?! 

Bad Brain. Bad.

Please don’t forget about me and my little blog. It’s not my blog’s fault. Poor whittle blog…getting ignored cuz of mean ol’ PTSD. 

(I know…I posted last week..and it was sorta an epic post…but..I miss you people 🙂

Well….my sweet little blog …. and my precious readers… ‘I VILL BE BAUCK’….like Monday. Or tomorrow. Or  Sunday. Only my brain knows.


(maybe this would help?)

(an on-the-go-pillow and a high-fashion “snuggie”. But I think my brain would still know I was walking and semi-useful.  danggit!)

3 thoughts on “This picture sums me up this week.

  1. I wondered if you were ok as it has been ‘quiet’ in your ‘TMOF’ blogland. So sorry you aren’t good…praying for a better week to come!

    And happy birthday to Tye…wow 9! Hope he’s had a great birthday.

    Love and prayers,
    Anna x

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