A NEW Family Closet!!! (totally embarrassing "before" pix!) and….Thoughts from "How Strong Women Pray" (the book)

I CANNOT believe I’m puting this pix on my blog!!!

YES…”THIS” was my laundry room/family closet.

I keep all of my boys’ clothes upstairs…in one location….

To take their clothes and put them in their closets, to go downstairs and help get their outfits arranged each day, to keep their closets tidy…WWWWWAAAYYYY to much for me!


I have all the boys’ stuff in one location….Aven’s room is upstairs so it isn’t as hard to keep track of her stuff in her own closet (plus….um..she has WAY more clothes than any of us combined so she NEEDS her own huge closet! luv it!!!! PINK!)

And my sweet hubby and I’s clothes do go in our own closet (which is also upstairs)…

Aren’t you glad to know that we aren’t ALL changing clothes in the same room??!! teehee.

I do have limits. Snort.


Mr. Tye Andrew has now ‘moved’ downstairs to bunk up with some of his brothers…

leaving me with an ’empty’ room RIGHT across from my laundry room…

We thought about moving my art studio home to this room (SOOOOOO glad we didn’t!! THANK YOU ALL for your sweet and wise advice on this matter! It REALLY helped!)

We considered putting exercise equipment in there….

We thought about making it a “Den” of sorts…

but…then…a few days ago…IT HIT ME!!!


(Yes, we have a rather large home, about 5500 sq ft…, but the laundry room was REALLY small!!! As you can see above!!! )

Once an idea nestles it’s way into my head…I have a hard time sleeping until it’s done!!!

I found these PERFECT “wardrobe” units 50% on SALE this weekend….Woot! Woot!

So…yesterday…though I’m a bit under the weather (think: Andrea got a cold from smooching on her cold-affected husband…nice.) I was VERY motivated to get this project DONE!

Isn’t it beautiful??!!!! SO MUCH MORE ROOM!!!

Every boy has a “wardrobe” with an extra “wardrobe” for Jim, Aven, and myself’s hanging clothes which are put away quickly…

Otherwise…the boys’ clothes stay HERE and they dress IN THIS ROOM (or the adjoining bathroom for the modest ones….!) ….. SO EASY!!!

In this sorting, organizing, purging, and cleaning process last night….

I SWEAR I threw away 600 hangars!!!

We gave our “too small” clothes to our church’s bus ministry…

I’m pretty good about staying on top the clothes…but going through it ALL leads to some purging!!! LET.ME.TELL.YOU!!!

Jim is going to have a piece of lament (counter top) cut to sit on top of the boyz’ “boxes” so I have a working area to hang clothes, sort clothes, etc from…

I have the little desk in there because….I spend ALOT of time doing laundry….

So, when I am organizing, sorting, etc, clothes, the kids can access the books that are stored on the desk….

I “tried” this idea out today and it REALLY worked!!!

Aven and Tye looked at books while I sorted clothes today! YYYIIIIPPPEEE!!!

The ‘drawers’ in the middle of the room ….. there’s one for each BOY and EACH contains that child’s undies, socks, pj’s, and pants/jeans….



Yep, even their SHOES are in the “Family Closet” (note: these are not “all” of their shoes..I was still gathering shoes from around the house at this point!)

Our ‘old’ “Family Closet” was scrunched and cramped true….but even then it saved me HOURS in seaching, finding, organizing 5 kids’ clothes…

Now?!!! With a whole ROOM for the Family Closet???

Sheeesh…I just added 12 more hours to my week!!! ROCK ON!!!!


(Yes, I am quite excited about my new “Family Closet” room…but…I have been a bit “Under The Weather” lately with a severe cold/sore throat/general exhaustion (!) and would appreciate your prayers for a renewal of my energy….)


I have a new book.

“How Strong Women PRAY” by Bonnie St. John.

Essentially, it’s a series of interviews of highly prominent/successful women interspersed with St. John’s personal journey to Christ.

The “theology” of some of the interviews….well…I’m not so sure….

But…IN GENERAL…it’s a very good book to awaken a Momma’s NEED to PRAY ALOT!

I do PRAY ALOT….usually.

Although, lately, I have felt a desire to be more of a PRAYER WARRIOR for my family.

I don’t know if this is because “something” is headed our way….or because I don’t already pray enough…kwim?

Regardless, how can it HURT to PRAY MORE???

As this book says, “Praying” isn’t required to be a “bend the knees, fingers interlaced, silence all around” kind of experience….

For REAL Mommas…It’s often more of a “Okay..Here Comes the Day Lord..THANK YOU for this Day and Help Me to Be What You Want Me To Be Today”

and then, quickly, comes breakfast, bus-stops, preschool, grocery errands, work phone calls, day care arrangements, corporate meetings, picking up children, run home, reacquiant with one’s family, dinner on the table or at a restaurant, a few moments of family time after dinner, homework/email, bedtime, exhaustion….sleep.

I get it.

I live it.

We are home more than most (though busier than other??!!) …but…a the same time….our “minds” are busy and focused on things…..and sometimes these “things” get in the way of God.

However, this book has opened my eyes to realizing that GOD KNOWS THIS.

God KNOWS our hearts. HE knows we are upset about where our priorities lay…He is happy we are trying to, at least, fix them!….

HE UNDERSTANDS our daily pressures…….!!!

This is NOT an excuse…but a RELIEF!

God loves us even when we aren’t “there”….


And…goodness…We try hard don’t we???

We, ASSUME, that because of “what I did last Sunday night”, or that “horrible thing that happened last year”, or that “unforgiveable (no such a thing btw) thing I did when I was 17″… that GOD is GONE…..


HE is NEVER GONE……He is ALWAYS waiting for us.

A revelation for me.

How can one be so disgusting and yet, still, GOD (read: G-O-D!!!!) still love me??!!


What a relief to know that God Loves Me Regardless…

Regardless of my Ugliness…of my Vanity….of my Pride…of my Self-ish.

Do I NEED to work on these things??? YES!

Does God allow me the freedom to work on these things without imposing judgement?




Read the Book.

It’s a Good, Quick, read that makes you think.


25 thoughts on “A NEW Family Closet!!! (totally embarrassing "before" pix!) and….Thoughts from "How Strong Women Pray" (the book)

  1. That family closet could win awards! You should submit that idea to Better Homes & Garden or something! Good for you, I know that’ always been a thorn in your side.

    That book does sound wonderful. It is the fact that we can come to Him “as is” that sets Him apart from every other deity that’s worshiped around the world. It’s amazing to tell someone that has thought their whole life that they have to do particular things and not do other things to win god’s favor, that Jesus takes us as sinners. He will love us that way, a work in progress!!! That is freedom, isn’t it!

    Still looking for those pictures!!! Sorry you’ve been feeling bad. I am praying that passes very soon. I know that’s why you haven’t had the time to post those pics … ok ok! I’ll stop. 😉

  2. Oh you poor thing being unwell…hope you feel better soon!!

    And WOW I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your clothes room!!!! That is SUCH a wonderful idea! Ahh that would make all those clothes for you all seem much more manageable than trying to put them all in individual rooms etc!

    I am amazed you did all that being sick as well….I can relate though, as I am like that when I get an idea in my head, or if I know something needs to be done I don’t rest till its finished!! (Not great for the health but good for achieving things!!!:)

    And that book sounds really great…ta for the recommendation!

    Take care,

  3. Ya’ll…Just to be clear…

    this “Family Closet” isn’t my ORIGINAL idea….

    It’s something I read about on my “Sonlight” homeschool forums…

    Though I MAY be the ONLY one who’s confiscated an ENTIRE room for her “Family Closet” (snicker) I don’t want to mislead you in my creativity…

    Even the “Duggers” (cough…snort…cough) use the “family closet” system.


    HOWEVER…Don’t let this fact stop you from giving me a cyber “high five” in your comments!!

    I NEED “cyber” high-fives girls (and guys! aka: Luke and fam!)


  4. Way cool closet organization!! 🙂 I will NOT show my closet on my blog. :p

    Your dear sis hits the nail on the head… we can come to Him “as is”. I love that. Thanks for a good reminder.

    Bummer about your cold. I was over mine until I thought I had my glass of water and drank from JP’s. Ugh! Here I go again. You know those sinus cleanse things really aren’t so bad and do a bang up job on cleaning out a head! Just saying…

  5. Great closet! Love it. It will be so much more efficient for you and your family. I too have been under the weather. Was really sick on Christmas and the day after. Bummer.

    Have a great start to 2009!

  6. Family closets are wonderful ideas. Lots of people have them. Since, I am just sliding in here and I don’t actually know you I will assume you don’t know the Duggards by your comment particuraly since you “ecougde and snorted”. However, isn’t it true that even on blogs you have to be careful what you say because you never know who reads them.

    Before I saw your comment on the family, I was going to tell you that instead of throwing away the hangers you could give them to consignment shops. They are always looking for them. If not a consignment shop, Christian Thrift stores always can use them.

    Congrats on your organization.

  7. Here’s some cyber high-5’s for ya Andrea: *5*5*5*… Does that help?!?! ~ Love the closet! We moved recently from a house with a huge basement to a house with no basement & a lot less storage. Was in the process of trying to rearrange things, get “organized”, and unpack when a few of us came down with the yucky cold junk. So we are under the weather, too. My organizing project is on hold. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Thanks for the recommendation about the book. It’s great to hear about what has been an inspiration. Blessings! ~ Karen

  8. This is your MOM,

    Looks professional! Good Job!!

    Much better and I am glad you came up with this idea. As your sis said, I know it has been a “dagger” in your side.

    The counter top for folding will be invaluable.

    Way to go, Tye, for easing up the space!!

    Love, MOM

  9. “Anonymous” who cautioned me as to what I write on my blog…cuz I don’t know who’s out there.

    Well, I guess thanks for the unsolicited advice…however…

    I’ve never written anything on this blog that I wouldn’t say to anyone IRL.

    You may search my blog to understand my contention with the Dugger family….

    Also, blog reading isn’t forced.

    It’s kinda like unsolicited advice…

    take it or leave it.


  10. BTW friends…

    I’m closing in on the end of the book “How Strong Woman Pray”….

    and, again, I want to say that I’m not in full agreement with the ‘theology’ proposed within some of the biographical stories….

    but one is able to filter through the differences and really glean some encouraging info ….

    Just wanted to put that out there again….


  11. 1. I hope you feel better soon It,s no fun having a sick momma.

    2. I wish I had room for a family closet Maybe when the girls move out and we dwindle down a bit in size.

    You did anamezing job BTW.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  12. OH. MY. HECK.

    I love your closet room. I remember closets. I don’t have them anymore and now you’re making me covet. 🙂

    I wonder…is there a spare space I could convert to a closet room? Dang it, no, but..I am SO filing this away for the future…

  13. I am sooooooo jealous lol. Not really, but your closet is super cool as anyone with more than two kids would know. I really need to try to squeeze something in somewhere since laundry is the bane of my existence and an organized house is essential if I have any hope of talking hubby into another adoption :). Thanks for the before and after pictures!

  14. just stumbled across your blog looking for ideas for a family closet. love it! can you tell me, how wide and deep are each “wardrobe”? also, are your and your hubby’s pants hanging somewhere other than this closet? just didn’t see them…

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