There’s a chair open next to me at the ‘Recovering Superwoman Complex" meeting…wanna sit by me?

There was none of this in my house…er my head.. today…. (who does THIS anyways? What are they doing?? How many 1950’s woman did it take to make a cake?)

No, the inside of me looked alot more like this:


Which makes me think that surely I will wake up feeling like this:

My logic is based upon nothing but hope.

But I do not care. It’s just been ‘a day’.  

A stupid ‘Superwoman Complex’ day which has left me in a sour mood with questions ringing within my hear and soul.

A day when I feel like I could have (‘Superwoman’ would have..) sucked it up and done better. 

Sure, I got the basics accomplished….but I was hoping for more. Thus the hope for a “bigger” tomorrow.

Funny thing is? My kids haven’t a clue I feel this way.  Somehow, they still think I am a great Mom!

That is a miracle because if they could see inside my brain they would be surprised! 

They’d see all that I ‘had’ planned for today but never accomplished…the reading together, the games, the hugs, the quality time in the backyard, the spiritual conversations, the laughter from playing together….ha.

They.Have.No.Clue.   (phew)

They all had a GREAT day. 

BUT…the stupidly high, pretty -much -unattainable, shoot -myself -in -the -foot -everyday standards I have inappropriately applied to my mothering? Well, they make me feel like a failure more often than a success.

 Can I get an “amen” or an”I get it Andrea”?

Add PTSD (a mental health issue I am fighting and beating but still fighting) into the mix…phew. Not fun being a grown-up with a irrational an inappropriate ‘Superwoman Complex

… that hits her between the eyes the instant PTSD rears it’s ugly head. 

This “Superwoman Complex” had been under control  [I’d realized there was a ‘hole in my cape’ and I was actually happy about it! Less pressure to ‘soar’ everyday!] …. but …. ‘the complex’ likes to come back around when I am feeling like an under-achieving Momma. It’s mean like that.  

Is it mean like that to you? Please tell  me I am NOT the only recovering ‘Superwoman’ out there? If I can fess it up then so can ya’ll…It’s not so much fun hanging out in the ‘Recovering Superwoman’ support group ALONE. Join me 😉 

PLEASE tell me you all do not have figured it out. That I am not the only only one lingering in the support group trying to get these cuzzin’ red boots off….

You know…sometimes you just don’t feel like you can EVER do enough for your kids or those you adore.

That is a LIE….but….sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a lie and a truth when you are wondering about things.

Tomorrow will be better….. 

Tomorrow I will not (I will try not) to let the past hold me from my NOW.


4 thoughts on “There’s a chair open next to me at the ‘Recovering Superwoman Complex" meeting…wanna sit by me?

  1. Andrea I have felt this way since May 11, 2009 and it has done nothing but get worse. i wake up daily and feel their lives have been taken and they have been handed a pile of crap to try too mold into one. and this last year times it by a million. im not brave, im not strong, im weak, worn out and dont know what else i can take. so yes Amen sista i get you. that is why i love you.

  2. True guilt vs. false guilt … a concept I’m learning about and trying to deal with well, but yeah, not so easy. I’m reading a book called No Condemnation, it’s really really great, but still have to get it to stick in my head!!!

    No wonder Wonderwoman didn’t have any kids!!!

  3. Oh the dang cape!!! Someone take it off of me!

    It is hanging heavy today. It’s not velcro either…its like super-glued on! danggit!

    Amy- okay. that was hilarious. 😉

    AND…maybe we should go vacation on Wonder Woman’s “Island Home” where there were not capes…remember that place :!


  4. I get you …we are so often our own worst critics with those ‘capes’ and ‘red boots’ hanging round:)
    I try to remember God made me the way I am and he has me in the palm of his hand. He knows where I’m at right now and I love the verse ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Hand it all over to Him.
    Xx Anna

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