I am here …. but I can’t hear you because….

I am drowning in:

Bright, eye-sight-impairing, mountains of little girl attire that may or may not be 4 seasons past.

Of these clothes, my daughter is in LOVE with each, single, every itty bitty one of them. 

As in, “Momma, if I can’t see my red and green sweater ensemble that I wore to our family’s Christmas Eve party 4 years ago, I will feel incomplete.”

(and…) “My Little Pony” paraphernalia. 

Who KNEW ponies has SO MUCH paraphernalia. I am thinking I may need to involve the local authorities.

(and…) “Barbie” parts (said in the literal). Heads, arms, legs. 

All said parts covered in ‘make-up’ and usually within the ‘Goth’ genre. shudder. scared. future. hers.

(and….) Mix-matched shoes. Where the hey are the others??? I cannot blame the washing machine.

These random shoes, that have no happy other half may, also, possibly, more than likely be about 19 sizes to small for my daughter’s adorable feet. 

Did you know girl feet grew so fast?? I did not

(and…) Bits of paper with, surely, incredibly important hieroglyphics scratched upon them but, of which, I cannot decipher.

 I am slightly terrified (read: very) to put them into the place that they surely (?) belong  

What if she asks, “Momma, where is that small paper with the red, Van Gogh representation on the upper-right-hand-corner and the purple dot that represented the post-modern artistic movement on the back? 

It was my most favorite thing in the entire world, except for you Momma.”     faint

(and…..) Stickers that are stuck in places no human could possibly reach nor should they go.

(HOW and WHEN did my girl put “Strawberry Shortcakes” on the underneath of the railing of her bed? Talent.)


(and….)  Enough pretend food to feed any and all desperate and hungry baby dolls within a 100 square mile area of her room. 

If there are leftovers, they could be sent to the dolls in China, Africa, South America, and the Arctic. 

So, my friends….THIS is why I cannot hear you.  All of the above..AND…

 ….because my precious, beloved, adored, and pernicious daughter is yelling into my right ear about what she just cannot part with while my inner-Andrea is yelling into my left ear saying, “Andrea, repeat after me,  ‘You Are the Momma’, ‘You Are the Momma'”. 

Before (shriek) and After (spa day please) pictures promised.   

What did you say? I couldn’t hear you

4 thoughts on “I am here …. but I can’t hear you because….

  1. Andrea I can really relate to this post. Aven really reminds me of my 6 yo:) Her room is an adventure when you set foot inside:)
    Enjoy your day spa….sounds blissful.

    X Anna

  2. As a mom of three wonderful girls, I have this one figured out, LOL. Send chosen girl on a sleepover with the promise of a “new room” when she gets back. While she is gone, box everything up and put it in the basement (or garage, or shed, or trunk of the car, or…). When she gets back, be sure to give her anything that she asks for by name. Around here, they rarely remember anything that is gone.

  3. Anna – we should get our 2 girls together (wink) … Glad Aven isn’t the only hoarder!

    Flybaby (fly name btw 😉 – oh that’s a fantastic idea!!! Aven would ask for some of her …um….weird things but I wouldn’t have to spend 2 days crawling around on my hands and knees cleaning and decluttering! It’d be interesting to see what she’d actually ask for. hm. Makes a Momma think….


  4. I clean out the kiddo rooms periodically by myself. Everything that I take out gets put in a bag (that no kiddos even know exists) and if something is requested in the next couple months, it “reappears” but if not then it’s gone so that I can say, “I honestly have no idea where that is.”

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