A day in the LIFE ….

Today might have been horrible, wonderful, or in between. 

One thing, though, is that it happened. 

We can’t get away from horrible….
 (the picture of flowers? Given to me to soothe my heart a bit ago as it was another anniversary of the passing of my sweet Daddy)….
 and you just must memorize the great.

Today is what today was…
I want to know, in my deepest of deeps, that I am trying with all of my ability with all of ‘me” to make these days pertinent and wonderful. Obedient as to what I am supposed to be doing with them.

And during that “struggle”…. I want to capture the moments that make up the days that make up our lives.

THAT is the fun part….but pushing to GET to the FUN can be harder than what is seen in just a 1-dimension, captured moment.

These photos are “us”… but …. behind them are thousands of words …. even for just one picture. Those words surely range from pleasant to urgent to a possible rant 😉
However, those words added up to ‘that’ moment….they got us ‘here’.
 (all of Aven’s swaddled baby dolls? oodles and oodles of talking about ‘babies’ with her as she adores playing “Momma”. 
I taught her how to ‘swaddle’ a ‘baby’ one night…the next morning…ALL of her babies are ‘swaddled’…even the horse! But talking about “baby dolls” has happened more than just one night.- more like hundreds. 
Thousands of words about baby dolls.
However, those pictures, of the swaddled babies, is what I have to share…. )

I find the journey of raising kids and of making a marriage one that is surprisingly hard yet then one that is “slap-me-in-the-face” fun. 

I am not sure how to show it more …. How to show my amazement towards these journeys I am on. 
How to let those who are on the journey with me to know how sacred I feel it all is. 
Sacred, even when we are having a very horrible day.

The days add up so quickly….I do think that is rather sad. So many I’d love to relive many times over.
 However, at least – even though pictures cannot talk- it’s possible to ‘capture’ a moment to remember forever….

I think I’ll stick with sharing some ‘happy’. However,  in a blog post soon,  I want to only share ‘blah’. Because there’s plenty of blah in those thousands of words that can hold up just that one picture.


A DAY in the LIFE …


One thought on “A day in the LIFE ….

  1. Such real, everyday photos that capture so many special moments Andrea…I like your ‘happy’ pics:)
    Thanks for sharing…sorry it’s been too long since I’ve written. We’ve been away with school holidays and I’m starting some work part time/casual at our local hospital, so crazy busy this side of the world. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers my friend.
    Xx Anna

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