There was a shark, a gar, and a behemoth in the water…Unbelievable!!!!

It started out as a nice afternoon alongside “Lake Monroe”. Unfortunately, we had settled on an exceptionally rocky part of the lake (big, huge mistake). The rocks were HOT and SHARP..But…heck…we were settled in before we realized just how rocky the whole place was. And, holla to the parents out there who know the pain of setting up coolers, towels, rafts, frisbees, cups, drinks, lawn chairs, big umbrellas, e.t.c.,  you just don’t want to pick it all up and resettle. Sorta like the pioneers… we just “settled”   BUT.THEN…There’s SUDDEN screaming…not just “screaming” but “real, I’m hurt, not playing around SCREAM”.It is my nephew (age 7) who is screaming…He and Zane were playing by a boat dock (with permission).Seth is just SCREAMING! I start RUNNING from our ‘spot’…YES…over the “hot as lava” and ‘sharp as razor’ rocks but who cares! My brother-in-law is trying to get to Seth but he’s pretty far out in… Read More »

Why the hey am I so angry?? Get a grip. (I sorta did so now I can talk about it) So Odd.

Dang! That was a rough PTSD last week. (holding my head.) It seems that my PTSD flares (or I make it flare….keep reading) and leaves me spiraling into – …. exhaustion, irritation, and hypervigilance – plus anxiety. Sounds like a ball of fun, eh? But last week….it included ANGER. And I mean ANGER with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! You are thinking…. “Did she scream and yell?” “Did she throw things?” No. I did not. (okay I might have… but I not at the kids. Wow. I’m amazing. sheesh.)  It was almost a “sad anger”. Sad that this mental health issue is here. Sad that it affects us still. Sad that I cannot, consistently, wake up and just feel “good”. But, it was also an unusual anger that I allowed to build. The anger … this type …. was definitely new to me.  I sort of wanted to just be alone until… Read More »

Especially those that don’t have it…..need it desperately.

This has NEVER happened to us before. HOME. Our 4 yr old pup ran away from a friend’s HOME Sunday evening. “Nala” was sighted headed, south, towards OUR HOME Tuesday. This means a 6 lb dog, in 90 degree heat, has walked at least 7 miles, admist cars, in less than 2 days. Poor thang..She WANTS to come home…She is SO close… She just wants HOME.   [THIS is Nala....sigh....Praying she shows up on our front step or we get a phone call that someone found her....some hearts hurt around here...] I know this is SUCH a stretch but….But, pondering the instinct a dog has to return “home, even after months in some cases, has me contemplating what ‘HOME’ truly means. It’s a dang big deal. Let’s pretend we are not talking about “Nala the Dog” for a second….but a baby that doesn’t have a home. I know…big stretch. Canine… Read More »

She SCREAMS "What for me Momma…." then tries to RUN down the stairs cuz.."I WANNA SEE MOMMA! Please WAIT!" .

 Boots? Beach? Booyah! She was waiting for us to catch up as we walked home from the beach…AND…she was grumpy    Chase & Trey …. sweetness on a raft and in the water  ”Let’s build a dam” oggga oga  Dam built!  ogga ogga OGGA!!  [insert heart-shaped smile ;]  That is my Trey….Strolling back to ‘base camp’…probably pondering something exceptionally important. How could I love him more??? Impossible.  Now we are back at our rental house and ‘da boyz’ are showin’ off…JUST a wee bit…  I want to cry when I look at Trey’s expression. He was having SO much fun with his Dad.  You can almost FEEL the camaraderie, love, and hero-worship gigs that Trey has for his Dad….and the world is as it should be.  OH my Tye Even though he is on a severely restricted diet (allergies)…somehow he always manages to be eating?!   A “few” pictures from… Read More »


You can decide Monday….. …. to leave for another quick couple of days at the beach AND….for the first time EVER…. Drum Roll PLEASE )    NO..Really…DRUM roll please!! I have told all 4 boys to PACK FOR THEMSELVES.GASP. And…now…SUPER GASP….the girl wants to too.My inner-massive control freak can ONLY think of the ‘ruined’ photographs. Because, surely, the boys will, accidentally, grab out of the “to be given to friends with younger kids” bin of clothing.Thus….our photographs will have LOTS of ARM and LEG and very little COTTON. BUT.DEEP BREATH in.I can do this.I mean…Right? This is SO NOTHING in the scheme of the world issues.  NOTHING. It is HIGHLY doubtful that this -shocking- development of horrid photographs will even be picked up by the AP newswire.  Surely, the other large media outlets will look the other way. They will understand that “kids will be kids” and the then resulting pictures…… Read More »